The Different Roles
of the Station Camp Band Program

It is important that both parents and students realize the appropriate differences between marching band and band class. During class, we work on fundamental musical skills and competencies through a varied repertoire as per state standards for instrumental music education. While time is spent on marching music, pep band, and other musical endeavors, the concert band IS the foundation of any good band program.

Although marching and concert band are very different, each band member is encouraged to participate in both performance realms with equal devotion. What we do as a band, we will do well. This includes marching band, pep band, concert band, and other select group activities, such as jazz band, percussion ensemble, winter drumline, or winter guard. Participation in these after school activities are a privilege. Students can lose the privilege to participate in jazz band, percussion ensemble, or winter drumline if students fail to meet the requirements of concert band.

Concert Band

Marching Band

Jazz Band

Winter Guard

Winter Drumline