Marching Band

Marching Band typically starts in June with rehearsals and ends in November. Requirements for participation include class registration, completion of all forms at the end of this handbook, completed physical forms, and parent attendance at a mandatory Band 101 Parent Meeting.

The SCHS Marching Thundering Herd is the visual element representing the SCHS Instrumental Music program. Therefore, it is especially important that all members understand they are expected to represent the band positively at all times. The Thundering Herd performs at all home football games and as many away games as is financially and logistically possible. The band also competes at approximately five competitions each fall. As the Thundering Herd is most definitely a competitive organization with a winning tradition, all students are expected to be giving their best effort at all times.

The Director and staff will supply you with the tools to succeed. The rest of it is in the hands of the students. There is no glass ceiling to how successful our program can be; we are limited only by the determination and dedication of our members. It is the belief and philosophy of the Director that a challenged student who strives for excellence is more successful than a talented student who gets by with mediocrity. In any case, students are expected to give 100% in both rehearsals and performances.