Station Camp High School opened its doors to students on August 15, 2002. Construction on the auditorium and band room was completed during the 2003-04 school year.

The Station Camp Band is building a tradition of excellence. The Station Camp Band Marching Band performs at football games, parades, contest, and various other performance opportunities in the area. Concert Band, Jazz Band, and Percussion Ensembles also have several performances throughout the year.

Each student needs to maintain a positive attitude: a cheerful outlook toward rehearsals and performances, cooperation in the preparation and maintenance of facilities, and an eagerness to do what is necessary to be successful. This level of commitment from each individual student is the glue which holds the organization together, and to a greater degree, reflects the level of achievement of the individual and the organization.

The Band Directors of Station Camp take their responsibilities very seriously. The Band as an organization provides a medium through which students’ progress academically and socially. At Station Camp High School, we believe in character development through music.

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